You've Won SOLD OUT TICKETS And Other COOL Stuff: The International Secret Agents I Can't Believe It's So Big Giveaway WINNERS

Friday, March 13, 2009

As you might already know the International Secret Agents Concert is sold out - but if you happened to be reading this mess of a blog for at least the past couple of weeks, or did some searching as you were frantically looking for tickets - then you knew about the giveaway and the kick ass prizes including tickets to the show.

Pretty much everyone had great reasons as to why they wanted to kick it to ISA - so I choose the best answers, threw them in a hat, and here you go - the luck of the draw.

Winners of the 2 free autographed albums and 2 autographed ISA SF Posters


I am hoping to get the autographed posters and album.

Living down in Los Angeles, though I would like to attend the concert, it is difficult for me to make it and so as an alternative winning these giveaways would surely make up for it. I first found about Wong Fu Productions when I attended a screening of their movie "A Moment With You" at UCLA. From there I looked them up and found their youtube page and have enjoyed their entertainment. The first time I learned about Far East Movement was from watching the movie "Tokyo Drift" and
looking at the soundtrack, ever since then I have been a fan. As an Asian American myself I am proud to say we are moving up in society's ladder; these two groups of individuals have represented the Asian American people with means of sharing their love through a passion. It would mean a lot to me if I won, as I can embrace Asian American pride and all the while enjoy their entertainment and music all the same.
If sadly I can't get the tickets, I would love to have the posters and albums since I miss my chance to see them live.
Winners of the free tickets to the sold out show

I want to kick it to ISA with Far East Movement, Wong Fu Productions, Paul Dateh and Passion!!

I think I deserve to win the tickets because if I win the tickets, it will be the highlight of my "Asian Week"! I named the week of March 15th through March 21st "Asian Week" because it is a week full of movies from the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and performances by uprising Asian American artist at ISA.

I planned this week about a month ago when I realized the two events fell on the same week, but because of my budget as an independent college student and an after school teacher (at a Chinese immersion school in San Francisco) I cant afford to go to both. I was planning to volunteer at the SFIAAFF and buy the ISA tickets.

To my disappointment, today, when I went online to purchase my tickets I found out that they were all sold out! Determined, I searched the web for tickets, but couldn’t find any for sale. In my search, I found this contest page. Please help me out and spread the love by choosing my e-mail!
I really would love to win the two free $25.00 General Admission Tickets. My fiance who is Cantonese idolizes Jin, and Jin's ABC album has been playing in his car ever since it was released. We love Jin, but we are also definitely into the other Asian American artists too. We know that this event will be crazy fun with the awesome line-up.

And this concludes the ISA Giveaway

Thanks again to the good folks down at ISA and their team for putting on the show and making this giveaway possible, and if you didn't win this time - hopefully you'll win the next giveaway.