Random Post On Nothing

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You'll probably want to skip this post since I'm just going to ramble about nothing, but I figure it's been a while since I've just randomly posted on nothing, and since this is my blog, I figure I have a free pass.

So I tried reading my book again a few nights ago and while I slept with it under my arm and it was actually quite comfy and I felt literate (because I think literate people fall asleep with books), I only made it through the first page before I fell asleep.

The same thing happened when I was watching Obama on TV last night. After he chastised some reporter whose name I can't remember because of a question he wouldn't let drop I nodded off into slantyland - which is a fun place to be btw because I get to be naked a lot (and apparently I have six-pack abs too) - but out of all that I heard when I actually was awake what I remember the most (and I still blame Palin for this) is that people are continuing the practice of dropping their "G's" at the end of words including Obama to sound more "folksy" - and you know what? The G is there for a reason. It's supposed to be there and I'm actually kind of feeling bad for the letter G because it's really getting ignored in the face of everyone trying to appeal to what's becoming my least favorite place of this year which is "Mainstreet".

I mean everyone's trying to appeal to "Mainstreet". Commercials, television shows, politicians - even pizza's trying to make an appeal - and when they make their appeals all of them are dropping their G's.

It's kind of like this new rule that says if you're making a case about anything to anyone who you think is "Mainstreet", drop the G because apparently those of us who are on said street or blvd have never learned to pronounce the G at the end of words because we think it's invisible and if you drop it we'll think you're one of us and then we'll gladly accept whatever you have to say to us.

At the same time, the more I'm typing about this the more I really want to stand up for the letter G at the end of words and start a campaign for it because I'm actually kind of afraid we're going to lose it and never find it again and then I'll have to go through life saying "I can't talk with you right now because I'm masturbatin" and let's face it - that really doesn't sound that good.