Rocky Mountain High School And Mixed Company Of Yale's "Single Asians"

Friday, March 27, 2009

A semi non sequitur of a post - but only partially because they really do fit together.


The group Mixed Company of Yale singing "Single Asians" to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies".


From an article from the on a panel of students from Rocky Mount talking about their views of discrimination and prejudice from the event "Can We Talk" that happened last night:

Jonathan Kim, an Asian-American student at Northern Nash High School, said he has experienced remarks and hurtful stereotypes because of his race.

“People have made racist remarks at school that I would physically hurt them, or shoot up their school,” Kim said. “Or they think I’m too smart to care what they have to say.”
When you read that one comment it's almost scary how it sums up so much of the way that Asian American males of all ages can be looked at through a far too often racist and stereotypical lens by the rest of society - reiterated by a High School student.

Kind of telling of where we still are isn't it?