Keep It Safe Philadelphia

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You've heard me talk about this in the past - but there's a good article down at the LDNews chronicling the crime waves out in Philadelphia that have been targeted towards Asian Americans in the area - including three murders in the past few months:

The modus operandi was always the same: Criminals staked out a business, sometimes calling to ask for closing times, then trailed the owners home. After parking their cars, the victims were confronted at gunpoint, forced inside and robbed of jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

The scenario was repeated at least 14 times in recent months, including three times in a single day. The victim was always an Asian or Asian-American.

The home invasion spree, along with three recent murders of Asian-Americans over the past few months, have left residents and community leaders shaken. Police say the victims were targeted by criminals who believed they would be easy marks because of their ethnicity.
Targeted because of your ethnicity.

Sounds all too familiar.