Lee Chol-soo

Friday, March 20, 2009

There's a good article up on Lee Chol-soo, a Korean American who was wrongfully committed of murder back in the 70's and the new book "The Song, We Are Singing Together'' by Yoo Jay-kun who was a former lawyer in the case:

Twenty five years ago, a Korean-American immigrant Lee Chol-soo, who was wrongfully convicted for the 1973 killing of a San Francisco gang leader and sentenced to life in prison and then sentenced to death for the self-defense killing of another inmate while in custody, was finally freed.

But the memory of the heartrending struggle for justice to exonerate the innocent individual who served 10 years in prison after being wrongly accusation is deeply etched on Koreans' minds.

A new book ``The Song, We Are Singing Together'' written by Yoo Jay-kun, a former lawmaker and lawyer, unveils the stories
based on the records he wrote of the six-year trial process.

Yoo worked for Lee's exoneration for about six years when he was a law school graduate in the United States, along with Lee Kyung-won known as K.W. Lee, a Korean investigative reporter of the Sacramento Union, a key contributor to the case.

The former lawmaker said that he decided to publish a book about the unfair case of the young innocent boy when he was finally set free in 1983.
Read more down at the Korea Times.