Jon And Kate Plus 8 Headed For Divorce? And Do I Really Care?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apparently because I'm posting on it, I must care.

Now I've only watched the show once, and from that one show, I could already tell Jon looks beat down, and I can't really say that I'm surprised that Jon's recently been spotted playing some beer pong and getting out for the night.

If I had eight kids I'd be playing as much beer pong as I could too.

But they chose to have all those kids and suck up as much resources as humanly possible. They didn't need to have all those kids - cute as they are - they had a choice, and while I completely disagree with that choice - because in this day and age, in our society, you don't need to have that many kids - Jon - you gotta live with it now.

As much as you may want to forget that you have something resembling a wife and eight whoppers of natural energy suckers who may one day grow up to do absolutely nothing worthwhile whatsoever except mimic their dad saying "WTF was I thinking?" - too bad.

All I have to do is wake up and remember to breath - you - you have eight kids and a soon to be ex-wife you've gotta feed and make happy.

That means no more beer pong for you.