Jaime From The Amazing Race: I Just Don't Like You

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I've really tried to like the team of Jaime and Cara if only to prove to myself that I too can embrace my inner White cheerleader from Florida, but when all is said and done, after I've thrown my pom poms up in the air and given it my White cheerleader all - I still can't.

Maybe it's the fact that Jaime doesn't do "foreign" or "foreign language", and I'm using quotes because when she says it, it really does sound like "I don't like those dirty foreign people who can't speak English - unless they're French, Italian, Swedish, or Norwegian".

Or maybe it's because she likes to scream at people like they're her slaves and while I do enjoy a good S&M scene, there's just something about watching someone from the White Cheerocracy screaming endlessly at the nicest of older Thai grandpa pa's that makes me want to throw the T.V. out the window.

But you know what?

Take all that away and I still don't like her.

Maybe I'm just not in touch with my inner cheerleader...