Asian Men - Getting Our Tuck On

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saw this article on up at New American Media and thought it was interesting enough to post up because far too often, women, you get all the attention and apparently, it's our turn now (at least for being under the knife):

Chang is one of an increasing number of Asian-American men defying a cultural stigma to engage in cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearances. Experts say what is motivating men to seek plastic surgery may be the need to raise their chances of surviving a job market that is increasingly favorable of younger workers, and to be competitive in romantic relationships.

Although in general the number of people from ethnic communities going for plastic surgery continues to rise, Asian Americans are the fastest growing segment. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Asian Americans underwent 866,000 cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2008, a 290 percent increase since the year 2000. Hispanics had a 239 percent increase and African Americans a 145 percent increase.

Despite the fact that women are 10 times more likely than men to undergo cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons said they had witnessed a new trend of Asian American men, especially those within the middle-age bracket, showing up at their clinics.

“Five years ago, 5 percent of my Asian patients were male, now it is about 10 percent,” said Dr. George Sun, a Chinese-American plastic surgeon who has been in practice for 16 years in Los Angeles, with a large Asian American clientele.
While I don't need any surgery now - because why mess with the Hugly Perfection That Is The Slanty - I say when the time does come (which will be when people tell me, or when everyone I'm having sex with is 20 years younger than me) I might be there as well, helping to change the face of the Asian American male.

Sorry - I just couldn't resist.