Tiger Loses And Drops The F-Bomb, Yang Wins And Smiles Like The Happiest Mofo Ever

Monday, August 17, 2009

While I feel bad for the Tiger especially after his quote of "I should have won this fucking thing." you just can't help but love that Yang smile after he completed the sports "upset for all times":

He did that yesterday on the day when he went toe-to-toe with Woods and won. He made the back-nine, chip-in eagle that Woods is supposed to make in these circumstances. After his one wobbly moment - a three-putt on No.17 when he had a chance to take a two-shot lead to 18 - Yang came back and hit one of the most memorable last-hole shots in major-championship history, a hybrid from the first cut of rough that rolled past the cup and set up the short birdie putt that meant he had beaten Woods by three shots to win the Wanamaker Trophy.

All afternoon, as Woods kept hitting putts the announcers said should have gone in, as he kept making swings they said were marvelous and then produced shots that didn't set him up for easy birdies, you still kept thinking that the next putt or the next swing would turn things around against Yang. Because Woods had always made his living off guys like Yang.
Here's hoping a rivalry ensues and we get to see the two wrestle each other naked on the back nine cursing each other out sometime in the near future (and don't tell me you wouldn't be glued to the T.V. watching - because I know you would).