Good Read: Asian American Women And Health

Sunday, August 23, 2009

There's a really good post by Jen at Disgrasian on a study recently published talking about Asian American women and the statistics dealing with attempted suicide:

But if you're an Asian-American woman who has struggled with depression her whole life like I have, it's not unclear to you, is it? You don't need this study, published in 2007, to tell you that we own some of the highest rates of depression and suicide because we're pushed to achieve. Or this one, published in 2008, to tell you that Asian-Americans are less likely than any other group to seek treatment for mental health disorders. You know this already. You know it in your bones. Personally, not scientifically.
Definitely great to see someone like Jen come out and write about the normalcy of just talking about it - not giving a fuck - and letting it breath.

Check it out in full here.