Tintin Is Racist, But Should It Be Banned?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

No doubt the images and character portrayals in Tintin are racist - that should go without saying, but I do have to question whether or not it should be banned. Taking something off the shelf at a library, which is a different type of institution than a private bookstore - I don't know what it really solves.

To me libraries are meant as a place that serves to archive information for the public, untethered by the constraints of a typical for-profit organization which has to run with the bestsellers and hot authors. While libraries do have constraints of space and budget, it's a public service.

Part of its purpose is to educate.

And if you're going to be true to history you have to take everything, good and bad. It doesn't mean the book needs to take center stage on a pedestal with the words "Best Ever", but it needs to be accessible.