Granted: It's Not LOTR's Fellowship, But Not Bad Either

Monday, August 24, 2009

Always like posting up on my people and organizations who get rewarded for what they do and their long-term vision:

The Asian Cultural Council (ACC) Philippines Foundation announced recently the names of three Filipinos who were given the ACC Philippine Fellowship grants enabling them to conduct research in the United States in the areas of museology, painting/sculpture, and theater. Teresa Rances, ACC country representative, said the grantees are UP Professor Patrick D. Flores (museology), Lyra Teresa Garcellano (painting/sculpture), and Maree Barbara Tan-Tiongco (theater).

Rances also said that the Ma-Yi Theater Company was given the ACC grant/O’Boyle Fellowship to enable Palanca Awardee lawyer Nicholas Pichay to go to New York for a six-month residency with the theater company under the Philippines Fellowship Program. “We are very very proud to have them. We hope to have more in the future,” said Rances, who is also the Cultural Center of the Philippines department manager for administration.
Read it in full here.