Racism Across The Pond

Monday, August 10, 2009

What a fun night it must have been for Manzoor Ellahi when I'm sure all he really wanted to do was grab some smokes, chill out, and kick it back to his flat:

[...] Manzoor Ellahi was confronted by three white teenagers on a busy street in Glasgow as he walked to a local shop. He was subjected to a sickening volley of racial abuse before one of the gang approached him and slashed his face [...]

The assault was witnessed bystanders at a bus stop close to a lawyer's office where the attack took place. Manzoor was treated by police at the scene and his face was dressed and stitched at the Victoria Infirmary yesterday. Police believe the attack is purely racially motivated.

Manzoor said one attacker was wearing a blue top, another had a green top and the third youth was dressed in black. Detective Constable Michael Bruce, of Gorbals CID, said: "This was clearly a racially motivated incident and it is something we will not tolerate. "We are anxious to discover the identity of the youths concerned and any help from members of the public would be appreciated."
Let's hope some people give some information on the attack and Ellahi gets some justice.