Jon Gosselin: Wrapping Up

Saturday, August 08, 2009


I was going to post this up Thursday night/Friday, but they both kind of got away from me, and this morning - well - I'm sitting here with a big 'ol cup a joe just a tad hungover (and it's really the afternoon) - all of which clues you in to how short my response is going to be :)

Whether or not he fits the Casanova bill on a grand scale - I don't know - but I'm there with you on a lot of what you said and it is an interesting question of whether or not more tv time = less quality daddy time and if that's the right direction to take and like you, think it'll definitely be interesting to see what the overall perception of Jon will be in the future and how it all plays out - both inside and outside of the Asian American community.

Other than that, I guess there's probably not much more left to say on the topic - so definitely - thanks again for blog convo and remember that the first drink is on me.

O.K. - I gotta go feed this hangover.

This was a blog conversation with Cbruhs from BicoastalBitchin where you can still check out the conversation by following the links from each post back and forth between the blogs (where apparently I didn't actually get beat down as much as I thought I might).