The Nip/Tuck China Dolls

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I got sent in by reader Daniela about this Nip/Tuck Season 6 Promo, and instead of writing up something myself on it, thought I would instead just print up what she has to say because I don't think I could say it any better.

Here's the Nip/Tuck Promo

And This Sums It Up

Recently came across a short promo video for the new season of F/X's TV drama show Nip/Tuck, about a pair of plastic surgeons. The promo features women with short black wigs, cheongsam-inspired red dresses, heavily made-up eyelids and chopsticks-in-hair who are sewing, assembly-line style, the "perfect body." You can check it out here.

SO many problems with this promotional ad, the stereotypical use of Asian-female-imagery-- seen as "sexy" China dolls.... but ultimately just cheap labor, exactly identical to one another, framed within the promo as rows of women doing the exact same movements. Why on earth would the directors/producers/etc of the promo use women wearing the black wigs and "exotic" made-up eyes other than to associate such assembly-line work with specifically Asian women?

Cheap, stupid, offensive, disgusting, etc. Sexy all-look-the-same Asian sweatshop workers: way to devalue Asian women. Can you imagine them doing a similarly-themed ad playing on stereotypical imagery of Latina or African American women as identical worker bees?

Let's make some noise about this and maybe we can get this stupid promo canned.
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