Film: Valor With Honor

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here's some info on the documentary Valor With Honor which is looking to be finished and screened sometime this fall (also with a DVD release) looking at, and interviewing over 35 WWII vets from the famed 442nd:

Valor with Honor is an independent documentary film based on over 35 interviews of Japanese American veterans who served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during WW2. This small segregated unit of 3500 men (field strength)is the most decorated American unit in WW2 for its size and length of service (3 years). By the end of WW2, the 442nd would be awarded with 7 Presidential Unit Citations, 21 Medals of Honor (upgraded from DSC), over 500 Silver Stars, and over 9000 Purple Hearts. This small film tells the harrowing stories of 442nd's battles in Italy, the Lost Battalion Rescue in France, the assault up Mount Folgorito, and witness to the holocaust at Dachau, Germany at the close of WW2. The film concludes with the vets bittersweet return home to America. Valor with Honor has been in production for over 3 years and is currently in post production.

Check more out about the film at the site and down on Facebook.