Vote: afterschoolspecial

Friday, August 07, 2009

If you're familiar with the band afterschoolspecial - and you should be - they got nominated for best hip hop group for the San Diego Music Awards and if you're so inclined - they can use your vote.

Here's How

STEP 1: Click on this Link (or copy and paste it):

STEP 2: Go down to the BEST HIP HOP Category (mid way) and click their name "afterschoolspecial"

STEP 3: Click DONE at the very bottom of the screen.

They're up against:

  1. Deep Rooted
  2. Jimmy Powers
  3. Lil Uno
  4. MC Flow
  5. The Concrete Project
  6. The Kneehighs
  7. Vokab Kompany
Listen at