White On Rice WORstdate Twitter Contest

Saturday, August 29, 2009

As White On Rice gets ready to open in theaters they're holding a contest which you might be interested in - especially if you feel like twittering on your worst date ever.

Rules: Tweet us your worst date stories. We'll choose the best/funniest tweet, re-tweet from our WHITE ON RICE Twitter account and update our Facebook fan page with your story... not only that, you could win a prize!

Prize: Something in between a poster and a car (probably closer to the poster, but you NEVER know).

Make sure to include the hashtag #WORstdate in your tweet so we can track all entries!

Help us spread the word! And if you’re not already following WHITE ON RICE on Twitter, follow us here: http://twitter.com/WORmovie.

Watch the trailer: http://whiteonricethemovie.com/