Netflix: Dim Sum Funeral

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is one of those movies that I caught on Netflix a few weeks ago that kind of gives me the 50/50's because while it did have some good parts to it - it just didn't feel as seamless as I think it could have been overall. A little less drama, some more comedy, and the same vibe from the trailer throughout the whole film could have gone a long way.

But it's still worth adding to your collection (if only to have it).

A couple of my favorites from the film:

  1. Steph Song who plays Meimei, and Bai Ling who plays Deedee and their quest to get a monk to give up his "essence" (and yes, if you see it, you'll have to agree that even if you hate Bai Ling, they're two of the best characters).
  2. Chang Tseng who plays Chow Lin - because he just flat out steals every scene that he's in.
For those that kind of want to see it, but have been detered by the bad, or semi-not so good reviews.

Just watch it with one eye closed.