Asian Eyelid Surgery: It's not all about looking White

Friday, February 22, 2008

So another article down at The Daily Pennsylvanian caught my eye - yeah I know - on Asian eyelid surgery and one thing I wish people would talk about in these articles is that the surgery goes on in Asia frequently - not just here in America where the perception is that Asian American women (or men) just want to look more white - which in so many ways - that perception - is completely offensive.

What a lot of people who like to pontificate on the subject don't understand - or decide to leave out - is that half of all Asian people are born with the eye crease and the other half - those who might end up having surgery - aren't.

So when an Asian person decides to get Asian eyelid surgery - maybe it's just about looking like their Asian counterparts - and not about looking white.

And really - what's wrong with that.