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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thanks to the good folks down at ISA, I have a ton of great stuff to give away in preparation for the International Secret Agents San Francisco 2009 concert this March 20, 2009.

Here's what's up for grabs.

  • Two lucky winners will receive two free $25.00 General Admission Tickets to the International Secret Agents concert where you get to kick back and vibe to the sounds of FM, Jin The MC, Jessi Malay, Paul Dateh, and Passion, as well as catch some cool dance and film.
  • Two more lucky winners will get 2 autographed ISA SF posters signed by Wong Fu Productions and Far East Movement as well as 2 autographed copies of FM's new album "Animal" - and - one of those lucky winners will also get an autographed DVD by Wong Fu Productions.
So let's do a quick recap.

Four winners. Four kick ass free prizes.

The Rules

1. If you win the tickets to the show you can't win the autographed albums and posters. If you win the autographed posters and albums you can't win the tickets.


Because I'm trying to spread the love.

2. To win you need to do the following.

Send an e-mail my way at with the subject "ISA Giveaway" and specify which prize you want (you can try for both even though you'll only win one). Tell me why you want to either kick it to ISA or get the autographed posters and albums (or both) - winner's answers will be posted on up here first name only. Make sure to include your full name and mailing address though so you can get your free stuff.

3. I'll choose out the winners in the next week or so with a final deadline by the 12th at the latest.

If You Win

1. The tickets will be waiting for you the night of show down at Will Call. Make sure to get there with enough time to get your tix and head on in to the show (and while I can get you the tickets just remember that you have to find your own way there).

2. If you win the autographed albums and posters I'll be passing out your information to the ISA team who will mail out your cool stuff directly (please allow a couple weeks for snail mail).

Anything Else?

I think that's everything.

Good luck, and thanks again to the folks down at ISA for putting on the show and making the giveaway possible.