John Liu, City Comptroller, Kentucky, And Wings Of Defeat

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

City Councilman John Liu (who in 2001 was the first AA elected to legislative office in NYC) is now running for Comptroller:

Queens City Council Member John C. Liu today exited the the crowded field of candidates vying for the Democratic Party's nomination for City Public Advocate to instead join fellow Queens Council Members David I. Weprin and Melinda Katz in seeking his Party's nomination for City Comptroller.

Liu cited his strong financial background as why he'd make a good comptroller. His campaign slogan will be, "A proven record of fiscal responsibility."

"Now more than ever, we need a Comptroller who will root out waste and inefficiency as budget cuts are imposed, and ensure accountability and equal opportunity as billions in stimulus funding arrive," said Liu. "With my professional background in finance and my experience in city government, combined with my demand for fairness and equality, I will be that Comptroller. I will be the Comptroller who will scrutinize the details without losing sight of the big picture."

In 2001, Liu became the first Asian-American to hold public office in New York City.

His campaign website was temporarily down Sunday night, where a short note read, "We've taken a moment to update our website with the most recent news and developments from the campaign. Stay tuned to John Liu for NYC Comptroller!"

And in a complete non-sequitur...for the folks down in Kentucky:

The University of Kentucky Asia Center will sponsor a screening of the documentary film "Wings of Defeat" at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 12th at in the William T. Young Library Auditorium. Linda Hoaglund, the writer and producer of the film about the experiences of Japanese kamikaze pilots during World War II, will be on hand for commentary. A workshop for K-12 teachers will precede the screening and an open discussion with Hoaglund will follow. The presentation is part of the 2009 UK Cultural Diversity Festival.

“Wings of Defeat” examines the myth and reality of the kamikaze pilot and his role in the Japanese war effort through first-hand testimony of kamikaze veterans who returned from aborted missions during the final months of the Pacific War. The film brings viewers behind the scenes of World War II's Pacific theater to reveal the truth about the kamikaze, the "suicide bombers" of their day. Interviews with surviving kamikaze, rare battle footage and Japanese propaganda reveal a side of WWII never before shown on film. American vets from the greatest generation tell harrowing tales of how they survived attacks. “Wings of Defeat” shatters the myth of the fanatical kamikaze to reveal a generation of men forced to pay for an empire's pride with their lives.

The film has won numerous awards including the 2008 Audience Award at the New York Asian American International Film Festival and the 2008 Special Jury Award at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. It will preview on US television on PBS on May 5th.