Wednesday, March 04, 2009

From around the way.

Okole Maluna brings Hawai’i to Colorado

We drove an hour north from our house last night, to dine in Hawai’i. Well, not exactly Hawai’i, but an outpost of Hawai’i, in the most unlikely place: On a quiet Main Street corner in Windsor, a typical small, old-fashioned mid-western town on the plains of northern Colorado. Definitely not a tropical paradise, although inside the clean modern restaurant, you might as well be along Oahu’s North Shore, or somewhere in Kauai.
obama appoints nancy-ann deparle as health care czar

Yesterday, President Obama has announced former Clinton administration official Nancy-Ann DeParle as director of the White House Office on Health Reform, a key position in the administration's ambitious health care reform agenda: Obama taps Sebelius, DeParle for health posts. DeParle is currently the managing director at CCMO Capital, a private-equity firm. She is also a member of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, a group that advises Congress on Medicare payment and policy issues.
MastaMic - O8 HK Rap Up

MastaMic is a rapper from Hong Kong who is also a freestyle MC and is known as the "Hong Kong Freestyle King". He has a song called 08 HK Rap Up which is a wrap up of all the major news in Hong Kong for the year 2008.
Ode To The Feather Duster

Azn Lifestyles TV cranks out another hilarious video. Any one who's been whacked by a feather duster as a kid can identify with this video.
Marines Fire Four over San Diego Crash

Remember this? According to this CNN article: The investigation criticized the pilot, who was being trained on the F/A-18, for not consulting a pocket checklist that outlined emergency procedures. While controllers aboard the aircraft carrier that launched the jet urged the pilot to land at a nearby Navy airfield at North Island, squadron officers relied on “incorrect assumptions and inaccurate data” to guide him back to the plane’s base at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.
DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Nutri-Pharmaceuticals

Well, it's settled. "¿Ud. a visto una china gorda?" (The gist: Have you ever seen a fat chinese chick?) is, without question, the most disgusting line every used to peddle diet tea to Spanish speakers [Ad via Advertising Age].

At work today it was announced that two people would be laid off in order for the company to make its budget. I am one of the lucky ones still employed, but I'm extremely sad to see two amazing people leave and try to find new jobs in this abysmal economy. The only reason my job was safe? Because a girl in my department quit six months ago due to her manager being totally incompetent and we never filled the position. We, in essence, made our "contribution" to the bottom line already. If that manager hadn't sucked so bad at her job, it very well could have been me on the chopping block as one of the other younger employees.
A Page Shade Of Yellow

If you’re reading this blog post and you’re Asian American/Canadian, there is a very good chance you are from the Bay Area, Southern California, New York City or Toronto — cities with a high density of Asians [...] Take, for example, Patricia Pham of Joplin, Missouri who produced a short segment for Current TV talking about the difficulties she experienced with alienation, adolescent issues, and identity conflicts from both white and Asian people.