The Pol-File

Monday, March 02, 2009

APA For Progress started out a cool new feature on their site which is highlighting AAPIs who are working behind the scenes in politics - so definitely stay tuned and check it out. Here's a little bit from their first feature on Jennifer Javier:

What is your name?

Jennifer Javier

What is your current position?

I am a caseworker in Congressman Henry Waxman’s district office. I help people who are having difficulties with federal agencies (ie. immigration, Social Security, IRS, Medicare). It’s social work on the federal level where I advocate for constituents to address their needs or concerns.

What are some interesting jobs you have had in the past?

To be honest, the most interesting job I’ve had is my current one. Because I deal with people and their livelihood, it can be unpredictable just as life is. I could receive a call from a homeless veteran in need of help with the VA or from Stone Temple Pilots in need of a visa for their sound engineer. You never know who may call.
Learn more about Jennifer here.