A Quick Letter To The NY Times And Deborah Baldwin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Deborah,

A reader sent me in a link to the article you wrote in the real estate section and while I know we're all dying to hear more about the great artist space's that no one can get into, as well as some of the people that inhabit them that are no longer relevant (from here on out referred to as simply NLR), I just wanted to tell you that when describing the little offensive lids that are in NLR's kitchen the word to use isn't CHINAMAN.

A lot of us don't even really like those little caricatures - especially sitting in white people's houses.

I mean didn't you hear about that whole Pinkberry episode? Don't you have an editor (or at least an 8th grade history teacher on hand)?

Doing a feature on NLR and highlighting her little racist lids was bad enough.

Not saying anything about them was even worse.

But using the word CHINAMAN to describe them?

Why not just do your next article on Black Face Salt And Pepper Porcelain Shakers and call it "Cool Kitch For White People"?

See you in Page Six.


Thanks Alice for sending this in as well as for the Black Face Salt And Pepper shakers note (which I really have to give you all the credit for - and sorry it got posted up late - I'm a procrastinator).