Vote For The Quest Crew All This Week...And It's Just An Itty Bitty Diatribe

Monday, March 02, 2009

So it's down to two teams on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and now it's your time to vote - if you missed the past performances you can check out the two finalists Beat Freaks and Quest Crew down at the MTV site here - and they're definitely some hot performances.

Let Me Get Down For A Second

I'll be honest - it took me a bit to get into ABDC until this season came around (and I can't always catch all the episodes). I even wondered for a while where the crews from last year would go - maybe the way of Harlemm Lee? - but they've all found a niche and an audience outside of MTV who embraces what they're about, and that's a great thing to see.

Sometimes I think it needs to be said that shows like this do matter - because I don't think we always acknowledge their full effect. It's not just mindless MTV pop culture getting re-broadcast over the airwaves and back onto computer screens via YouTube or Veoh, and while I'm definitely down with getting out there on a political level, knocking on doors, making your voice heard, or the indi film that's telling a story mainstream media won't, it can be easy to say "This doesn't mean anything, they don't do anything" - but you'd be completely wrong - because in three minutes a clip like the one above can do just as much as a NY Times bestseller by simply being what it is - Asian Americans representing who they and what they're about and having an audience of all colors, not just directly in front of them, but all over the world who embrace what they're doing and instead of asking the question "Why are they here?" are saying "Maybe two years in a row. Maybe I need to re-think what I thought I knew" - and that mindset crosses over.

Or at least it should.