Thinking About Jon Gosselin

Saturday, August 01, 2009


So I've been thinking about Jon Gosselin over the last couple of weeks and while I have kind of beat him down here and there I'm thinking I actually kind of like where this is all headed.

Sure - I can't stand the fact the all you need to hold celebrity status is to pop out a ton of kids (because like I've said before they just suck up precious resources and I'm betting one of them is going into rehab later on down the road - is that mean to say?) - and they really don't actually do anything unless you count people who watch the show just to say to themselves "I'm glad my life isn't like that" (although having a family is great, I think eight's kind of a lot in this day and age and when push comes to shove I do hope none of the kids actually end up as mass murders) but here's kind of my latest thoughts:

If you think of Jon Gosselin as a sleaze bag (and I'm actually not sure what you think of Jon) - don't we need more Asian American sleaze bags in the media? Shouldn't we have that representation too? I say yes because if the world loves some tabloid fodder and follows along to pretty much anything - why not have some Asian faces in it. I mean there's no rule that says we only have to be shown in certain lights - and I guess that's what I'm starting to like about all this.

Maybe JG is the new Asian American tabloid playboy - and I'm thinking maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe little Asian American kids need a playboy to look up too. At the same time, people fall in and out of love - it's natural, it happens, and I can't really fault JG and his dating habits - and I think if there's one thing I can say about all of this it's that JG is in the spotlight where people get to see a sexual Asian American male - even if he's not everything we might want him to be.

And is he really that bad looking of a dude? From a women's perspective - isn't he a little hot? I actually think from a dude's perspective, he's not a bad looking guy. Sure - he's no James Kyson Lee - but there've been a couple of pictures I've seen of him lately where I kind of thought "Dude's kinda looking baddass".

I don't really care though about the IR part of his dating - I mean I think it's great that you can see an Asian American male who seems to be the attraction of a lot of White women - which in some ways is good - but at the same time, sometimes we do hold that up on a platform where it doesn't need to be - since - I'd kinda like to see what would happen if him and Cheryl Burke (sp?) got it on - that's kind of a whole other conversation but when it comes down to it - IR doesn't happen a ton - it's a small percentage of relationships - and it delves into a lot of things. For me though - what I like about the media aspect of it is that it helps show the reality of Asian American men - because in reality - all you need to do is look around and you see Asian American men getting it on (and I'l never understand people who think of Asian American as non-sexual because all you need to do is look at the Asian population in the world and you kind of see that we obviously have lots of sex and that people want to have sex with us).

Since I'm on the topic btw - and I don't really know how I got on the topic - well I do, but you know - I've been seeing a lot more YouTube videos on Black women and Asian men. Asian men, not just for breakfast.

For some odd reason too, everything here reminds me about this post I read - which I can't remember what it is - and I'm too lazy to look it up - but I saw this guy talk about how men are less racist because they date more outside their respective race, and I couldn't help thinking to myself - yeah, just because you happen to date/get it on with different women of color doesn't really mean you still can't be a racist bastard. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Btw - if you haven't already been able to tell - somedays I just like to go off on tangents and ramble and kind of talk about nothing.

I don't ever claim to be coherent :)


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