And How Many Hate Groups Live In Your State?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I happened to be stumbling around at and wanted to post this map up of their Active Hate Group list.

Probably what I found most surprising (outside of the fact that the little Klan icons on the SPLC interactive map reminded me of something out of South Park) is that Texas wasn't #1 and Oregon (which I sometimes like to refer to as White Militia Country for absolutely no good reason) only had 7 active groups (technically this a good thing though).

And yes - I know my Asian people live and thrive and are taking over the Pacific Northwest and it's not the land of White People Only - but even if Oregon happened to become all Asian five years from now - it'd still take me a while to not call it White Militia Country.

I can't help it.

Bad habits are hard to break.


A random note that might amuse you is that everytime I look at a map, Idaho just seems to be out of place and mentally I want to re-arrange it with Nebraska.

I don't know why.