Draw Manga. Win $100 In Music Downloads

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caught this via MySpace and wanted to post it on up for all the aspiring manga authors out there.

From J-Pop World:

Got some skill at drawing manga or just want to give it a shot? Here's your chance to have your creation appear at J-Pop World and win $100 in free music downloads from JapanFiles.com.

The Scenerio

You will be drawing a recreation of an incident the female rapper Ray-Law describes in her upcoming interview at J-Pop World. Here goes:

"One day when I was on the stage during a performance the Japanese Yakuza (Mafia) came to the club and made a fuss and got into a scuffle. As soon as my male rap partner and the Yakuza man started to fight, I jumped on the Yakuza man. I got punched as he said "Stay away! Ugly monkey girl!" Then it became a sloppy big melee. At the end I was furious and I said "You are the worst for beating on a woman! I'll never forgive you!" I was so mischievous and feared nothing."

The Specs

Your manga should be a single picture around 1000 px by 1000 px. It should look like its two pages in a manga publication. Remember, mangas are drawn so the reader reads from right to left, so the action starts in the upper right corner and moves to the left!

Here are some pics of Ray-Law to base her character on (Slanty's note: see above). The rest is up to you.

The Pay Off

The winning entry will appear in Ray-Law's interview at J-Pop World, along with your credit, and that lucky winner will receive $100 in free music downloads from JapanFiles.com. All other entries deemed worthy will be posted in the contest page.

The Deadline

All entries must be in by midnight, September 20, 2009 (Sunday night). You can send them to either comments@j-popworld.com or to our MySpace page. Please put "manga contest" in the subject line along with the name you want in your credit plus any link you want to include.

Got it? Then ready... set... manga!!!!
Definitely a cool contest, however maybe because I can't draw, I kinda wonder if those pics above of Ray-Law might induce someone to draw something where she kills with the deadly art of the Asian peace sign.

And a smile.