Feel Free To Skip Over This Post Because There's Really Nothing Of Relevance Here

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

While I love to do all the things I love to do on this blog, and it's really not a personal one per se - in that I talk about my daily stuff - today's just one of those days that I feel like using it for my own personal vent - not for anyone in particular - but just because I feel like typing and it is my blog - and I'd be blogging here if it was just me in the woods naked and flogging myself.

I'm just fucking sick of people today. I'm pretty chill - people don't actually annoy or piss me off to an extent where I just feel like busting their ass - but today - everybody's fucking getting to me.

Like I'm getting fucking tired of Asian Americans who talk talk talk fucking talk until their goddam fucking blue in the face, but then don't do shit. When it comes down to actually doing it there's some reason why they didn't, why they couldn't - what fucking roadblock was in their way - gimme a fucking break - if you sign up for shit and you're on a team with other people - get your fucking shit done and stop whining about it. Somedays - like today - the people that really get to me are the ones who are like "community, community, we need to support the community" - sign up to get it on with the "community" - but the next thing you know they're out like the Pope at a Nautica Thorn gang bang or just can't really find the time to do anything - but they'll surely tell you how much great shit their doing for the "community" and how much the fucking "community" matters.

I feel oddly giddy after that paragraph.

I'm also getting out of bounds with the passive aggressives because I mean fuck - can't you just say what the fuck it is that you mean? Can't you just lay it out there and say it? I mean I'm all for being cordial and professional and all that other good shit - but fuck people - I just don't get these motherfuckers. I mean just tell it like it is - within reason for your audience of course - versus every fucking e-mail which always ends in a piss ass "..." after some snark-ass comment because no one taught you how to USE YOUR FUCKING WORDS.

Not just giddy anymore - but I have a smile on my face now too.

And then there's the late 40's early 50's Asian American who sucks up to every fucking white person they see at their job - and don't get me wrong - I get it - we all have to make concessions - you're thinking about retirement - you got a family - but my fucking god people - do you have to suck it like you really mean it? Can't you give the "I don't want to taste that smoker's cum" face before you swallow it whole and lick the dribble off the ground? Because you're kind of fucking it up for the rest of us with your docile me so Oriental give me all the fucking work yes White master I love you White master fucking bullshit. I mean fuck - just because you gotta get someone off doesn't mean you have to cuddle and bring 'em home to meet the family.

Just to let you know - even though I told you to skip this post anyway - now I'm just kinda winded.

But relaxed.


Zen-like almost.

I think I'm gonna hit the treadmill.

And they say blog therapy doesn't work.