You Might Actually See Yao Play This Year

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just in case you didn't know (even though it's a couple weeks old) according to reports, it seems that Yao Ming might actually see some playing time this year - even if limited and even if the chance is miniscule - team doctors no longer consider his injury career threatening:

"Yao Ming is progressing well. I don't think that [a career-ending scenario] is something that will happen, based on what I'm hearing from the doctors," Morey said in an interview for ESPN The Magazine. "They do know that the bone will heal and he'll get back on it. And they have not actually ruled out [his return] this season. I think that's less likely than likely, but they haven't ruled it out."
Although if it were up to Menk Bateer he'd have Yao stay out for the whole season:

Bateer, who played for Xinjiang Guanghui in the domestic league, was quoted as saying by the Oriental Sports Daily, "Yao was too tired to sustain such a bad injury on his foot. He is higher and heavier than most of the NBA players and has more duties during the off season. It's better for him to take a rest next season."
And that's your NBA update for the day.