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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A nice write-up in the LA Times on the Heroes and White On Rice star (which opened up in theaters a couple of days ago btw so get on out and see it) where Lee also talks a little bit about Asian American casting:

Perhaps just as notably, Lee's role is that of a regular American guy. He has a band he's serious about, a good but unexciting job and a beautiful girlfriend. He just happens to be Asian American.

"It's true. It seems like a lot of mainstream movies, they have to create a reason for an Asian American character to be there," Lee says. "I think that's why I really like the characters of this movie. Sure, it's a Japanese American family, but they're all very relatable. Tim's in a decent job . . . but his passion is somewhere else. He enjoys success but is definitely going through the intricacies of relationships."
P.S. to the LA Times

We already know how ripped and hot the JKL body is compared to the rest of us mere mortals - did you have to remind us again?

P.S to KFC

I think I'm kind of regretting the fact that I've eaten so many buckets of your chicken (sometimes in one sitting) because it really hasn't given me great JKL abs like I sometimes so desire. It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop eating it - because I've worked hard for my big fat ass - but you know - just thought I'd throw that out there (probably in hopes that you'll send some free coupons my way).