Asian On Asian And The Bubble Tea Chat

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I was reading out this article on a recent chat that happened down at Tufts where one Asian student put out a flier, intended as a spoof, that alluded to several stereotypes of Asians making references to small eyes and a phrase in broken English. Like usual, there were comments from both sides - some found it offensive others didn't think twice about it. Once commentator on the Tufts Daily even went so far to say:

Dear fellow asians: your oversensitivity has made me want to vomit. Thanks.

But apparently they had a good meeting about the flyer at the monthly Bubble Tea Chats, and you know what? Sometimes this just has to happen, and will happen, and in the end - it's good for the discussion.

Kind of like the Godfather - takes care of the bad blood.