Don Liu: Giving Lawyers A Good Name

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Before you sue me, know that the title of the post just kind of rolled off my tong - and really - who hasn't heard a good lawyer joke? But this post isn't about you - it's about giving back and doing some good (since, I'll probably need a good lawyer some day):

Don Liu was 37 years old when he became general counsel of Pennsylvania-based IKON Office Solutions in 1999. He thinks he may have been the youngest Fortune 500 GC at that time, but he's certain that he was the only Asian American.

And his rapid ascension up the professional ladder definitely revealed something about the corporate legal profession: There weren't enough people like him to help him along the way.

So now Liu, who has been the top lawyer at Norwalk-based Xerox Corp. since 2007, dedicates a significant amount of his time outside of work to mentoring minority lawyers, many, but not all, Asian American.

At any one time, Liu is mentoring 10 law school students or lawyers and spending up to 10 hours a week doing it. He said people frequently ask him why he spends so much time mentoring. "The answer is simple," he said. "I didn't have it."
DIY people. D.I.Y

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