In Tokyo And Want To Film Naked Japanese Women? Listen To The Yahoo! Answers

Monday, September 07, 2009

Someone forwarded this my way and even though it's a little older still wanted to post it on up because it's just a good learning experience for anyone that maybe hasn't learned their lesson.

Question From Jason:

Im going to tokyo and want to film naked japanese women while im there? Im planning a trip to tokyo and while at my stay there I want to have sex with some japanese girls (and film a sex tape with them as kind of souvenir for myself).


From Hruth: You got the yellow fever huh? Suck it, weeaboo douchebag.

From Venereal_madness: Wow...... Err.......

From Japanese girl: don't come to Japan. we don't need foreign guys like you.
And there you have it.