September 8: LUMINA the Web Series

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

In an earlier April post you heard me talk about the Web Series LUMINA and also got to hear from director/writer Jennifer Thym - if you were wondering when they would be starting out the series - wonder no more - because as of next week they'll be kicking off the Web Series with new webisodes released every Tuesday until the series concludes in late October:

Creating worlds is a passion and one that writer and director Jennifer Thym enjoys. When she entered the film world in July 2008, the investment banker turned filmmaker decided to take a novel approach to reaching her audience. “With LUMINA we wanted to go beyond the conventional format of short film,” says Jennifer Thym, “and create an online fantasy series with wonderful potential for interactivity with its viewers.” As theatrical and DVD sales fall around the world, viewers are increasingly turning to the web for entertainment. “The online audience is already there. To me, it’s about connecting to them with an engaging and beautifully told story.” “LUMINA will open your minds cinematically, and the story will open your hearts to the impossible,” says producer Sommer Nguyen.

LUMINA stars actress and model JuJu Chan, who also stars in the new RTHK reality show on poverty and is the winner of Miss United Nation International Ambassador 2009, Miss United Nation China, Miss Congeniality and Miss TVB People’s Choice for Miss Chinatown USA Pageant 2009. Michael Chan, star of the viral hit Wall Street Fighter IV, and Vince Matthew Chung, winner of The Amazing Race Asia 3, co-star. The series features music from around the world, including songs from groundbreaking music collective The Enigmatic Army, American college circuit favorite Tim Be Told and China Global Battle of the Bands winner Killer Soap. “Good music is integral to drawing viewers into the story, and I’m honored to have collaborated with such talented musicians,” says Jennifer Thym.

LUMINA the Web Series premieres with a double webisode release on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. The accompanying press conference will include a screening of the first two webisodes and an exclusive Q&A session with the cast and director.

WHEN: 5 pm, Tuesday, September 8, 2009
WHERE: Scirocco, 1/F, 10-12 Staunton’s Street, SoHo, Central Hong Kong
Check out some pictures from behind the scenes down at the LUMINA Web Series site.