First Statement: Laura Ling And Euna Lee

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Here's a little of what Laura Ling and Euna Lee had to say on everything that happened leading up to the events of the capture:

There were no signs marking the international border, no fences, no barbed wire. But we knew our guide was taking us closer to the North Korean side of the river. As he walked, he began making deep, low hooting sounds, which we assumed was his way of making contact with North Korean border guards he knew. The previous night, he had called his associates in North Korea on a black cellphone he kept for that purpose, trying to arrange an interview for us. He was unsuccessful, but he could, he assured us, show us the no-man's land along the river, where smugglers pay off guards to move human traffic from one country to another.
You can read it in full down at Current.


I don't know anyone in my life who hasn't gotten close to an edge as they tried to do what they felt was right.

But sometimes lines get crossed.

Usually unintentionally.

They didn't set out to go into North Korea. They didn't get there and wave a flag shouting at the top of their lungs with a middle finger outstretched thinking they were covered under the shield of American law.

They were cautious.


And if there's one feeling I got from reading what they had to say it was that of being unsure. I can't point to them and say what they did was irresponsible, because it wasn't.

Laura Ling and Euna Lee put a piece of themselves on the line because they felt so strongly about doing their part to end human trafficking and all I can do is respect what they tried to accomplish.

Where it all came from.