AZNRaps And IZ

Monday, September 21, 2009

Caught this interview down at about IZ, his new single, and his relationship with FM and wanted to post a little bit of it up here:

AZNRAPS - How did you guys link up in the first place?

IZ – A couple of years ago (April 2007) to be exact, I dropped my first track on MySpace called “On My Feet.” Well actually it wasn’t me, my homegirl Rose who was really involved in the scene with Kollaboration and such, started the MySpace for me and posted my song without even telling me… Which in hindsight, was a pivotal moment in my life because I never planned on making a career out of rap, it was just an outlet for my emotions while I was doing time... I guess after my release, she felt that it would keep me out of trouble and it did… But anyways, Kev heard the track, got at me on MySpace and we started talking… At that point though, we were just scratching the surface... About a month later I was at a club in LA called Velvet Room with a big homie Scrappy and these two dudes (Prohgress and Jsplif) come in wearing Far*East Movement hats looking hella official, and to be completely real, I was impressed… I had heard about these guys from day one, mostly people hating because FM was making it and they were sitting around getting high talking about how FM was never gonna make it… (Look at you now muthafuckas.) Anyways, it turned out that Scrappy knew FM from way back and gave us a formal introduction… The rest is history… A couple collabos later, (“Windows Down”, “I Party”) here we are, me wit a new sound and single, and FM just about everywhere.
Check it out in full.