Will It Never Stop? More White Washing Of Our People On The Silver Screen

Monday, September 21, 2009

Got this sent in my way (thanks J) and even though I'm not familiar with The Weapon, it doesn't take someone who is to know that we're getting the shaft - again - and that David Henrie is no Tommy Zhou - not even close.

Based on the four-issue comic book, The Weapon stars Tommy Zhou, a martial arts weapon enthusiast by day, a brilliant inventor the rest of the time. He designs a wrist band that creates "an endless variety of weapons from solid holograms." I can't imagine why Zhou thinks this is a good idea, or why he's surprised when evil henchman come after it. Naturally, it isn't just any evil military-industrial complex, but an order of assassins who believe he's stumbled on the lost techniques of the Order of Wu-Shi, "the way of the Weapon." Henrie fans can find the comic at Platinum Studios' store and hopefully be inspired to pick up a few other comics after they read it.

I can't let the story pass without one critical note, and that's the blatant disregard for the character's Asian descent. While Henrie is confident that his Disney fans will still love "the empowerment and action-filled journey my character experiences" and stresses that he's studied mixed martial arts, it's a shame Platinum had chosen to empower a young Chinese-American actor instead. That's no slam on Henrie (what young man doesn't dream of being in an action flick?) but a troubling decision on the part of the studio.
Is it really that hard to find someone - anyone at a film studio - who at least has a modicum of a fucking clue?