Back From The Dead, Doing A 360, Fuck It, Finally Getting VLC To Stream My Playlist, And I Hope I Don't Masturbate Too Much

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Random things I've learned about myself over my blogging break.

  • I'm private by nature and in the end, I don't have to merge all of my worlds - there's no steadfast rule that says I need too - even if I feel like sometimes I should. They cross when they cross and in the end, that's good enough for me. It has to be good enough for me. So back to relative anonymity for the most part.

  • This is my place to vent sometimes. In that way going to extremes - to say what I really feel on a visceral level and not just for a point - it helps bring that balance in how I deal with things in other parts of my life. It helps me process. Everything I write here is me - but it's not always the way I talk with people, the way I deal with people. It's not the way I have to be.

  • I've served on boards and committees on both a national and local level for API's over the last six years putting in my time, putting in my money, helping to get events going strictly on a street level - and while I could have always done things better - been better - have done more in those positions -- along with a new project I'm working on the side with - not to mention this blog - I'm enough. And I only say that because I forgot it -- and it's important that I don't.
  • I've hyped a lot of things over the years here - and I love all of them in regard to what they're doing and the respect I have for all the people involved in them - but just because I support it in my own way here on this blog - doesn't mean I'll always be there. I physically can't - but even more so - we pick and choose what we love, what we support, what we give our time or our money too and where we feel comfortable. In that sense while I say go out and support the things people are doing in our community - on all levels - I also know that for each and every person they have different things they gravitate too - for some it's a show, for others it's supporting a politician, and for someone else it might be picking up something online by their favorite Asian American musician - and I'm no different.

  • I'm new media. I'm online. I'm not saying I don't cross into other areas or think it's important to get people together in a room or venue - because it is and that's a part of what I try and do here - but as I keep moving and thinking about what I might get involved in - where I think my time is best spent - where the most damage can be done - it really starts here - it is here - and being an API blogger - we're a different breed in many ways from what other people have done in traditional ways - and I like that.

  • I was thinking about changing the name of this blog, because in part - I know people right off the bat can be offended by it even though there's a specific purpose to it - and in some ways people just don't want to get into bed with me because of it and if the name defeats some of the purpose of this blog I was thinking maybe I should change it to something where it could leave less room for people to get offended by - less controversial - something nondescript like "Brazil" or "I Like Chad (The Country)" but then I thought about all the people and orgs that do get it and how it outweighs all those that don't and then I thought to myself "What the fuck was I thinking?" It's not like I'm not going to be dropping the F-bomb anymore. Yeah. That thought was short lived.

  • In reference to the post title, just in case you were wondering - one of the higlights of my break was getting VLC to stream my playlist to multiple computers and instances, and just in case you were wondering again - yes - there was some XXX streaming going on and yes - porn on five screens and streaming to a tv in another room is in fact quite awesome. And no - I don't believe you when you say you wouldn't have tried the same thing.