And Australia Day Seems To Suck

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I guess you won't be catching me down in Australia for this event:

‘Australia Day’ has become a very dangerous day to be non-European. Many Asian-Australians are fearful of even stepping out of their homes as flag wearing, slogan shouting racist mobs rule the street in a manner reminiscent of the Brown shirt gangs circa Germany 1930’s.

'I was abused last Australia day-this year my door is locked and its all day in front of the television’ comments Kim Wang, 28, an immigrant from Hong-Kong.
On beaches from Surfers Paradise down to Manly and Coogee in Sydney mobs of young Anglo-Australians motivated by racism rioted again this year smashing windows of shops owned by non-Europeans, spray-painting racist slogans on them and violently assaulting any non-white Australians unlucky enough to stray into their path. In a bizarre repetition of history one shop in Manly was reported to have been vandalised with the words in spray paint: ‘Aussies: Don’t buy from Muslims’ (derogatory term for foreigners)’.

Over a hundred young men and women wearing neither shirts nor shoes were involved in such a riot in Manly, a beachside suburb in Sydney popular with tourists: Takeaway food outlets owned by people of Asian and Middle-Eastern appearance had their windows smashed and non-Europeans were assaulted. One Asian-Australian lady aged 18 was showered with glass as hoodlums smashed her car windows: with her in the car. One Sikh taxi driver had his turban pulled off and his beard pulled in front of a jeering mob. Some of the rioting racists carried signs saying ‘Australia is full’ others chanted the sports slogan ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi’.

Miriam Gould had travelled to Manly from Bondi, a suburb with a large population of Jewish holocaust survivors. Miriam was five when the Nazis came to power and living in Berlin. 'The last time I saw such scenes I was a little girl. It really was Kristallnacht on the beach: the same faces, the same hateful expressions. I never thought I would experience this again but I just did, on the other side of the world.’ Commented Miriam. ‘The Australian flag was used like the Swastika’ she concluded.
Get a clue people.

Read it in full here.