Best Technology Site To Shutdown in 2008

Monday, January 19, 2009

Stage 6

I don't know about the rest of you, but when Stage 6 shutdown last year, I think I almost cried. There just wasn't another site that could match the breadth of videos that you could watch in hi quality and automatically save to your computer if you were so inclined too (which really happens automatically, and I always made sure this just happened with the public domain movies...which was a great channel)

Easy to find videos - tv, music, film - it had everything you could ever want, but even more so - it showed the power of the technology. It showed the way that a small indie film or music video could get a lot of traction in a short amount of time in a format that rivals pretty much almost any other as far as quality and streamability is concerned (when you can take a 7G movie and shrink it down to around 600-700MG and stream it to the user with little buffer time, while still keeping great quality - that's a winner).

And while you'd think that a lot of other sites would have jumped up to fill Stage 6's place, surprisingly enough, not many have. Sure there are some out there that have tried - but a lot of them are more torrent/pirate sites then anything else, and they lack any type of corporate branding like Stage 6 had behind it, so there aren't any contests like Stage 6 had that showed off the technology and the content creators where there video could also be copied to disc and then played on your DivX compatible DVD player.

It was online to DVD in one fell swoop.

Too bad it had to die.