The Economic Model As Said By You Le Vo Phuong Mai

Monday, January 26, 2009

I say if you got $300,000 for post-doctoral research and you can't find a job in Nam as a researcher - I think it's time to move on:

After earning her doctoral degree, Mai received a scholarship worth GBP200,000 or more than $300,000 for post-doctoral research on macro-economic models and monetary policies. This is a prestigious scholarship granted by the UK Ministry of Education to up to 15 candidates who research economic topics.

Mai used algorithms and data to analyse various macro economic models. She focused on developed European and American economies where the banking systems, monetary policies and financial experts have strong influences on the economy. Prof. Patrick Minford, who worked as an economic advisor to former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, helped the Vietnamese student a lot during her research.

In her work, Mai criticised some theoretical principles of European and American economic models. In her opinion, these economies could not develop fast because they used those models from World War II till 2004. She developed a new economic model for the world, based on the current New Keynesian Model and the old New Classical. Here research pointed out that the two models combined together would give better data [...]

She wants to return to live in Hanoi in the near future to contribute her knowledge to the country’s development. However, she is worried about being unemployed in Vietnam because it is difficult for a researcher like Mai to find a suitable job.
It is what it aint?