Monday, January 12, 2009

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On DramaFever and International Distribution Licenses

Those who frequent Kpop gossip blogs may already know that drama addicts Stateside can now enjoy high quality streaming of English-subbed Asian dramas thanks to DramaFever. The site’s current catalogue is exclusively Korean, but are engaged in conversation with various content owners to expand the catalogue to not only include dramas from Taiwan, China and Japan but to also include bonus materials, photos, music videos and variety shows.
businessman targeted and killed in philadelphia suburb

Chae, who owned and operated a beauty supply store, was attacked immediately after opening his garage door at about 5:00am on Friday. According to police, the assailants took his wife Janice Chae and the couple's two adult children, who had been sleeping upstairs, to the basement, where they were bound with duct tape. More here: Man slain during home invasion. The fatal home invasion robbery came a month after police arrested five men accused of at least ten robberies in Delaware County and Southwest Philadelphia, some of which involved Asian business owners who were targeted and followed home. There is an obvious pattern here, and it needs to stop.
Hello Kitty Tram!

Where you would find this tram? Italy of course! *boggle*
The Killing Fields

Today marks the 30 year anniversary of the fall of Pol Pot. Under his reign, this man ordered the deaths of everyone who had a trace of enlightenment. Educated people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and civil servants were all sentenced to death for an unrealistic aspiration of an agricultural utopia free from industrialism. And if you had glasses on, a sign of knowing how to read, you got shot in the face as well. What was America doing when this was happening, you ask? She was recovering from the bombings and air raids on the Indochina peninsula for the past twenty years.
Love In This Slum

There are few films that really touch this wizened heart of mine, touched in a way that makes it difficult for me to look at the film critically. I don't think this is a bad thing, for it disproves what many have avowed in the past: that I have no soul. Some of these films have been relatively well-received, but most wouldn't exactly be included in the great American cinematic canon, and I suppose any wannabe film critic or academic worth his/her salt is supposed to deconstruct the hell out any piece of artwork until it becomes utterly unenjoyable for everyone. But I refuse to do that with my list of heartwarming (some oddly so) films...

Pandas don't like to share toys. Zhang Jiao, of Anhui province, China, had to learn that the hard way this week when he entered a panda enclosure at the Beijing Zoo to retrieve a toy that his 5 year-old son had dropped in and got his ass tore up by Gu Gu, an 8 year-old, 240 lb. male panda (pictured left). Well, technically, it was Zhang's legs that got chewed, and the Beijing News reported major ligaments were torn and Zhang (pictured below) required surgery.
Best of 2008: Asian American Films

APA recaps the year in Asian American cinema with its third annual top ten.
Vivienne Tam HP Mini at CES 2009

We have posted several times on The HP Vivienne Tam ( Fashion Designer Vivienne Tam's HP Laptop, HP Mini Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch, and HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition now shipping). We got a chance to see the digital clutch at CES and asked HP's Joydeep Bhattachurya to talk about the key features. We found out that the Vivienne Tam HP Mini will come with matching mouse, digital silk clutch and matching scarf.