And That's A Lot Of Inauguration Links

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I got these links passed out to me from Racewire as they've been out in D.C. covering the inauguration.

Check it out:


Inaugural Reflections from the Streets of DC
Shot by Jorge Rivas, edited by Channing Kennedy

Over a million people filled the mall in the nation's capitol for this historic inauguration. Colorlines cameras were there to ask people on the streets why they came to DC and what are their hopes for the next four years?

King Day in SF "Youth Speaks" of a New Dream to Overflow Crowd
Shot and edited by Channing Kennedy

The 12th annual "Bringing the Noise" celebration filled the over 900 seats at the Herbst Theater. By all accounts it was a great success for Youth Speaks who brings together literary arts education, performance, youth activism and social change empowerment.


Lowery Called On White People Too
By Rinku Sen

Did anyone notice that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert left off a most important line of Reverend Lowery's benediction in their inauguration coverage last night?

Preemptive Love Isn't Really Love
By Rinku Sen

As I was writing The Accidental American and reflecting on the dismal immigration and civil rights record of the nation since 9/11, a prominent economist told me the question I would have to answer as I peddled the book: "Rinku, why do you hate this country so much?"

The Dome is Mine
By Tammy Johnson

I am one of thousands of activists who had come to DC to petition my government many times over the years. And to me, that dome had come to represent an impenetrable domain that benefited a privileged few. But standing there today I felt something different.

In Obama We Trust
By Tracy Kronzak

I spent most of the morning at the Oakland Coliseum tearfully watching Barack Obama take the oath of office and become our 44th President. I suspect, like a great deal of people today, I've been caught up in Obama-mania.

Racial Justice Advocates Gear Up for the New Administration
By Dom Apollon

I'll give you two thoughts in brief, besides the session's overarching theme that you likely already know better than most - the real work now begins to make Obama follow-through on all of his grandiose promises for change and hope.

The Darkness
By Adrienne Maree Brown

Now, at this moment, we have a black president. Black like many black people are, with a lot of other stories woven into his blackness, having organized for justice for years. Black in ways that many black people are not, with known relatives in Kenya and a clear knowledge of his ties to Africa.


Immigrants March on ICE Building
Photos by Megan Izen

Hundreds are gathered in DC, a day after inaugurating our new president, to demand A New Day for Immigration. Led by Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), immigrants are marching to demand an end to the raids on their communities.

Access to the Inaugural Opening Concert
Photos by Jorge Rivas

On Sunday, we were among the tens of thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to hear artists like Stevie Wonder, Garth Brooks, and Beyonce. Check out a few photos from the event.

Thanks Sonal!