And You're A Winner

Monday, January 26, 2009

I wanted to post up the e-mail from Sally who'll be kicking down to Kollaboration 9 with some free tickets:

Why I want to kick it to Kollaboration 9 & who I wanna seee:

I really want to go to this show because it's gotten so popular and I've heard great things about it, like how Far*East Movement came from there! I think what the organization does as a nonprofit is pretty awesome, too, in promoting the presence of Asian Americans in the media! I especially want to go see Jane Lui perform! She's sooo awesome live and has such a soulful voice! I also want to watch Jazmin's performance because I caught them when I watched the first episode of MTV's pop-group reality show.


Hope you have a great time!

Still got a couple more tickets to give away so e-mail me on down and get on in.