And That's A Dumbass Comment

Friday, January 09, 2009

I just felt like posting this comment because really (as you should have already figured out by now) occasionally I just like to highlight the truly inept our world has to offer if only to make you and I feel better about ourselves.

Here's a comment left on a previous post You Can't Defend The Racist Magic Negro Song, So Stop Trying:

From cognitis

As a Japanese-American this blog's name offends and injures me. No Japanese writer before 19th century described Japanese eyes as "slanted", and I don't have "slanted" eyes. Who first described Japanese eyes as "slanted"; and in whose interest did these first writers use "slanted", your interest? Since these first writers intended to injure Japanese with such descriptions, why would a Japanese or a Chinese continue to use terms intended to injure him? Are you stupid?

This particular blog doesn't serve "asian" interests by attacking African-American insults. Do you regard Africans as so weak that they can't defend themselves? Isn't Saltsman just a Jew? Why should you care about Africans and Jews attacking each other? Who cares?

This blog is rash, errant, aimless.

Let's be honest - I am errant, rash and aimless - in fact I sometimes take pride in that (because we all need to be good at something), and sure, you might be deeply offended by this blog's name, but you also probably still wet yourself at the dinner table too - but to each their own (and while I could say I won't judge you, I actually already did, so there's no use in me saying anything different).

That's just having some fun with cognitis though - it's the portions in bold that really beg the following questions:

Would any of us really mind if racist Asian Americans like cognitis got rounded up by the LPGA and put in a dark room until they could learn to speak non-racist English?

And two - this is probably the most important - aren't sex-offenders not supposed to have access to the Internet?

I mean seriously - isn't there a law about that?