Worst South Korean And Jeon Ji-Hyun (or Gianna Jun) Film Of 2008

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Man Once A Superman

A Man Once A Superman was supposed to be Jeon Ji-Hyun's comeback film of 2008 after the Andrew Lau helmed flick Daisy (which I actually thought was good). At the same time, Jeon Ji-Hyun - with her name change to Gianna Jun for U.S. audiences - is also making her American film debut in Blood: The Last Vampire this year.

For all intents and purposes this '08 and '09 was supposed to be the year that Jeon got back into the saddle and wow'd audiences both in her native South Korea and abroad in the U.S.

If anyone was going to pull off a simultaneous "comeback" as well as successful American debut it was going to be her.

But you gotta wonder what's going to happen now if Blood: The Last Vampire makes her a star over here and people decide to catch up on her South Korean movies.

Think they might be shocked if they see this one?

Yeah - I think they might.

Now I'm not going to pin this solely on Ji-Hyun. That wouldn't be fair. But I also can't absolve her or anyone else on the set either because everyone should get this - and I highly doubt no one new about it until someone said "action" and the dude just sprouted out from nowhere, or that no one knew how bad this really was.

But let's also be careful

While I obviously have issues with the film because of the blackface, let's be clear about one thing though - one movie doesn't make a whole race of people - so let's not start stereotyping whole groups of people abroad (or here for that matter) because of one film.

Let's just call the blackface in the film for what it is - fucked up.

And where were you?

At the same time I can't help but wonder how come not one review of this film ever brought it up - not even a mention.

Did they think it was just a South Korean actor with a really badass makeup like tan?