And On That Dat Phan Video I Posted Yesterday

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So I finally ended up watching that Dat Phan video I posted yesterday - which according to some comments was either really funny or just not that good - and my friends over at Disgrasian apparently really didn't think it was that good either - but I figure since I posted it I should at least watch it (and this should serve as lesson to me for posting stuff I don't least it should).

And now that I saw it?

I know it's somehow wrong - but I couldn't hep but laugh at it.

Sure it plays on every stereotype, but I figure that sometimes it's O.K. to laugh at ourselves, and I figure white people get to do it all the time so why not us occasionally (although I'm kind of iffy on the blond haired character)?

It's definitely a fine line, and sometimes I'm probably on the wrong side of it, but I also like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, so my tastes are probably up for grabs sometimes.

Either way - I'm just thankful I didn't get Disgrasian of the Weak.

xo back at ya