Best South Korean Movie With A Maggie Gyllenhaal Doppelganger

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Forever The Moment

You can call me crazy if you want too, but Kim Jung-eun (on the left) in the film Forever The Moment was like watching Maggie Gyllenhaal except in Korean. Maybe it was the look of Jung-eun in the film, or maybe it was just the character that she played, but by the end of the movie I just couldn't help wondering if Gyllenhaal knew of Jung-eun, and if she didn't, maybe she should catch up on some of her SK movies and dramas to see her Korean twin.

And yes - I do realize that Gyllenhaal could actually be the facsimile of Kim Jung-eun and not the other way around - but really - I just kind of liked the title for this post (and we all know I'm a hack so you shouldn't be surprised that I didn't try to come up with something more clever for the reverse affect).


If you're wondering about the actual movie, it's about the '04 handball team who won the silver medal at the Summer Olympics - and if that sounds a little dry to you - it's really not. Forever The Moment was one of ten best movies I'd seen all year and if you like movies where you're rooting for the underdog you'll like this film (it also took the South Korean box office by storm as the #4 best selling movie of the year).